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Bumblebee torrent Description:

Honestly the plot is difficult to total up. Get the job done to state there are terrible robots and there are great robots and Sam Witwicky is the way to which side will wind up winning. Sam carries his sweetheart alongside him, for no specific reason other than that she's Megan Fox and she's extremely hot. 

Genre: Science Fiction
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Independence Day Resurgence torrent Description:

As the Fourth of July nears, satellite engineer David Levinson investigates a 3,000-mile-wide mother ship that's approaching Earth. Fortunately, 20 years earlier, nations across the world started to use recovered extraterrestrial technology to develop an immense defense program. When the alien invaders attack with unprecedented force, the U.S. president, teams of scientists and brave fighter pilots spring into action to save the planet from a seemingly invincible enemy.

Genre: Science Fiction
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Interstellar torrent Description:

In Earth's future, a global crop blight and second Dust Bowl are slowly rendering the planet uninhabitable. Professor Brand, a brilliant NASA physicist, is working on plans to save mankind by transporting Earth's population to a new home via a wormhole. But first, Brand must send former NASA pilot Cooper and a team of researchers through the wormhole and across the galaxy to find out which of three planets could be mankind's new home.

Genre: Science Fiction
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X-Men Apocalypse torrent Description:

Worshiped as a god since the dawn of civilization, the immortal Apocalypse becomes the first and most powerful mutant. Awakening after thousands of years, he recruits the disheartened Magneto and other mutants to create a new world order. As the fate of the Earth hangs in the balance, Professor X and Raven lead a team of young X-Men to stop their seemingly invincible nemesis from destroying mankind.

Genre: Science Fiction
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Rogue One torrent Description:

Former scientist Galen Erso lives on a farm with his wife and young daughter Jyn. His peaceful existence comes crashing down when the evil Orson Krennic takes him away from his beloved family. Many years later, Galen is now the Empire's lead engineer for the most powerful weapon in the galaxy, the Death Star. Knowing that her father holds the key to its destruction, a vengeful Jyn joins forces with a spy and other resistance fighters to steal the space station's plans for the Rebel Alliance

Genre: Science Fiction
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Resident Evil The Final Chapter torrent Description:

The T-virus unleashed by the evil Umbrella Corp. has spread to every corner of the globe, infesting the planet with zombies, demons and monsters. Alice, a former Umbrella employee turned rogue warrior, joins her friends on a last-chance mission to storm the company's headquarters located deep underneath what used to be Raccoon City. But the Red Queen knows that Alice is coming, and the final battle will determine if the rest of mankind lives or dies.

Genre: Action
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Alien Covenant torrent Description:

In 2104 the colonization boat contract may be certain for An remote planet, Origae-6, with two thousand settlers and a thousand incipient organisms installed. Those boat is monitored Toward Walter, a newer manufactured physically resembling those sooner david model. Those boat abruptly detects An close-by neutrino blast Furthermore will be verwoerd right away subsequently harmed by those nearly taking after hazardous shockwave starting with those same source: another star igniting. 

Genre: Science Fiction
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Blade Runner 2049 torrent Description:

Blade Runner 2049 gets thirty years after the occasions of the first Blade Runner, which occurred in a cutting-edge setting of 2019. In 2019, Tyrell Corporation has made efficiently replicants – hereditarily made people that are more grounded and more reasonable for slave work. The replicants are sent to off-world settlements to work and are banned on earth. Those that escape are chased around Blade Runners, for example, the one Harrison Ford played – Richard Deckard. Executing them was called 'retirement,' just to veil what it truly was – 'killing.'

Genre: Science Fiction
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Arrival torrent Description:

Linguistics professor Louise Banks leads an elite team of investigators when gigantic spaceships touch down in 12 locations around the world. As nations teeter on the verge of global war, Banks and her crew must race against time to find a way to communicate with the extraterrestrial visitors. Hoping to unravel the mystery, she takes a chance that could threaten her life and quite possibly all of mankind.

Genre: Drama
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Logan torrent Description:

In the near future, a weary Logan cares for an ailing Professor X at a remote outpost on the Mexican border. His plan to hide from the outside world gets upended when he meets a young mutant who is very much like him. Logan must now protect the girl and battle the dark forces that want to capture her.

Genre: Action
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