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Lethal Weapon Season 2 torrent Description:

After the takeoff of his better half and their unborn tyke, ex-Navy SEAL Riggs goes to California searching for a crisp start at the LAPD, where he's matched up with Murtaugh, who persevered through a close deadly heart assault. The newcomer's slant to never look he bounced conflicts with Murtaugh's more mulled over method, be that as it may on the off chance that they look past the surface erosion they visit the organization could give them what they require.

Genre: Action
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The Flash Season 4 torrent Description:

Straightforwardly a wrongdoing scene analyst, his sense of duty regarding take in the facts about his mother's passing pushes him to make up for lost time with each new consistent progress and urban legend. When he sees that others that have grabbed powers utilize them for despicable, he frees himself to guaranteeing the unadulterated, while up 'til now needing to address the confound that is more prepared.

Genre: Action
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Scorpion Season 4 torrent Description:

Genius directs a pack of stunning nonconformists who constitute Homeland Security's new research organization, helping shield against the innovative perils of the PC time. The gathering - named Scorpion. While alright with each other, the staff individuals battle with understanding life past their circle, hence when they need assistance reexamine meaningful gestures, at that point they depend upon the capacities of Paige Dineen, a young lady having a capable youthful child.

Genre: Action
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Supergirl Season 3 torrent Description:

In 12 years old, Kara escapes from Krypton to find shield on Earth together with the Danver family, where she encounters adolescence in the shadow of her support sister, Alex, in like manner makes sense of how to shroud the incredible forces she grants to her uncle, Superman. An adult staying in National City and working for crush mogul Cat Grant, Kara finds her periods of keeping up her aptitudes a secret are over when super-puzzle office mind Hank Henshaw enlists her to help safeguard the city's natives from dangers.

Genre: Action
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The Last Ship Season 4 torrent Description:

In charge of the USS Nathan James on the way to the Arctic, Capt. Tom Chandler discovers that the destroyer will be in the most ideal place - a situation his group must use - to spare mankind from elimination. An infection has wiped out the greater part the populace since the ship left, and in spite of requests from the U.S. government to return, Chandler - believing home is currently a sad remnant of itself - chooses the most secure place to build up an immunization is adrift.

Genre: Action
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The Defenders Season 1 torrent Description:

Set a couple of months after the occasions of the second period of Daredevil, and a month after the occasions of Iron Fist, the vigilantes Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist collaborate in New York City to battle a typical foe: The Hand. 

Genre: Action
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Arrow Season 6 torrent Description:

The show examines the Green Arrow personality, despite some extraordinary characters in the DC Comics universe. Jolt concentrates on the mankind of Oliver Queen, and moreover the way he had been adjusted by time spent destroyed on an island. Most scenes at the underlying five seasons have flashback scenes into the five years where Oliver was lost.

Genre: Action
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