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The Mick Season 2 torrent Description:

Mickey, who's shrewd yet deficient with regards to dream, is always hustling and scanning for the up and coming simple payday. It would appear that her pontoon has at last come on the off chance that she moves to Greenwich, Conn., to go to her sister and extremely rich person brother by marriage looking for a gift, and they escape the nation to avert government extortion charges, abandoning her beginning and end. In any case, nothing in life is for nothing out of pocket, and "what" incorporates guardianship of her sister's three uncouth children.

Genre: Comedy
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Bull Season 2 torrent Description:

Dr. Jason Bull is your captivating and arrogant originator of intense trial counseling organization Trial Analysis Corporation, in which he and his gathering of pros utilize brain science, singular impulse and cutting edge data to grasp legal hearers, lawyers, witnesses and respondents, and furthermore fabricate viable accounts to help their clients win.

Genre: Crime
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Lethal Weapon Season 2 torrent Description:

After the takeoff of his better half and their unborn tyke, ex-Navy SEAL Riggs goes to California searching for a crisp start at the LAPD, where he's matched up with Murtaugh, who persevered through a close deadly heart assault. The newcomer's slant to never look he bounced conflicts with Murtaugh's more mulled over method, be that as it may on the off chance that they look past the surface erosion they visit the organization could give them what they require.

Genre: Action
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Lucifer Season 3 torrent Description:

Course of action takes after Lucifer, the principle fallen heavenly ambassador, that is getting the opportunity to be clearly perplexed with his life in hellfire. In the wake of surrendering his position of expert and leaving to Los Angeles, Lucifer makes the most of his most cherished things - before a murder occurs out of the upscale club. For the principal gone through in several years, the murder blends something dark in Lucifier's soul that is terribly similar to sensitivity and sympathy.

Genre: Fantasy
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Room 104 Season 1 torrent Description:

Room 104 is an up and coming American TV treasury arrangement made by Jay and Mark Duplass. The arrangement, requested by and airing on HBO, will make a big appearance on July 28, 2017. The arrangement is set in a solitary room of an American inn, investigating characters who go through it in every scene.

Genre: Comedy
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Supernatural Season 13 torrent Description:

This creepy plan takes after the exciting regardless terrifying goes of Sam and Dean Winchester, two kin who challenge an unyieldingly debilitating scene as they look critters. In the wake of losing their mom into some magnificent oblige, the kin were raised by their own dad as troopers that screen dark and evil animals. Horrible memories and relationship-crippling keys consolidate extra weights on Sam and Dean since they examine everything that go thump in the night.

Genre: Fantasy
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Better Things Season 2 torrent Description:

Sam Fox is an on-screen character, who's additionally a single parent raising three siblings - juvenile Max, peculiar center child Frankie, and hot most youthful child Duke - at Los Angeles. She likewise will take care of her mother, Phil, who lives over the street. Alongside caring for her friends and family, Sam endeavors to bring home the bacon from the acting area while motivating time to play around with companions and, some of the time, acquire some individual time together with planned mates.

Genre: Drama
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Mr. Robot Season 3 torrent Description:

Young, antagonistic to PC planner Elliot fills in as a cybersecurity manufacture all through the daytime, yet amid the night he's a vigilante software engineer. He's enrolled by the bizarre pioneer of a secretive gathering of software engineers to relate their association. Elliot's business? Notwithstanding the way that he works for an association, his private feelings make it outrageous to restrict the need to cut down the heads of multinational associations that he assumes are running and destroying the entire world.

Genre: Thriller
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South Park Season 21 torrent Description:

The energized arrangement is not for youngsters. Truth be told, its objective is by all accounts to insult whatever number as could reasonably be expected as it introduces the experiences of Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman. The show has gone up against Saddam Hussein, Osama canister Laden, legislators of each stripe and grandiose VIPs. Gracious, and Kenny is slaughtered in numerous scenes.

Genre: Comedy
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Broad City Season 4 torrent Description:

The widely praised Web arrangement "Wide City" moves to Comedy Central as a half-hour scripted arrangement. It's made by and stars Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer as 20-something closest companions who are attempting to explore life in New York, in spite of that their enterprises dependably appear to lead down startling and unusual ways. They have almost no cash, however they are survivors who aren't reluctant to dedicate themselves completely to tight spots, regardless of how chaotic the final products might be. 

Genre: Comedy
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